Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport and Super Sport At South OC Cars and Coffee

It’s quite rare for a Bugatti to show up at South OC Cars and Coffee. But today, not one but two Bugatti make it out to the show so the attendees can get a close up look at what multi-million dollar hypercars looks like.

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport and Super Sport are limited edition Bugattis. Yes, Bugattis are already limited edition cars to begin with, but these are super limited editions. Only 60 Pur Sports will ever be made. The Super Sport is also limited to 60 examples, but it’s divided between 30 Super Sport and 30 Super Sport 300+. They start at $3.6 million and $3.825 million respectively. However, both cars have almost $500K of options added to them. Bugatti options are not cheap. Here are the options on this Super Sport.

  • Blue Royal Carbon paint: $222,500
  • Sunroof: $62,000
  • Black anodized interior trim: $56,000
  • Lake Blue signature line: $18,600
  • Noctume rear light trim: $15,000
  • Black coated exhaust deflector: $15,000
  • Rear wing Super Sport logo in Le Patron: $12,500
  • Black coated rear wing mechanics: $12,500
  • Blue Royal Carbon engine cover: $12,500
  • Comfort seats: $12,500
  • Noctume horseshoe: $7500
  • Horseshoe logo in Argent: $6200
  • Brake calipers painted Grenade: $6200
  • Matte Noctume engine cover parts: $5000
  • Headrest logo in Grigio: $3100
  • Lake Blue rearview mirror: $3100
  • Lake Blue hidden delights: $2500
  • Lake Blue seatbelts: $2500
  • Noctume wheel caps: $1250

Add it all up and you have $476,450 worth of options to bring the final price of the Chiron Super Sport to $4,301,450. Yes, the options on this Bugatti cost more than the average single family home in America.

The Pur Sport is the sport car of the two. It’s shorter and lighter and designed for more spirted driving. The Super Sport is a more luxury grand touring car. Both are powered by an 8 liter quad-turbo W16 engine. It makes 1479 hp in the Pur Sport and 1578 hp in the Super Sport. Top speed for the Super Sport is over 300 mph but Bugatti limits it to 268 mph. If you want the limiter removed, you’ll have to buy the Super Sport 300+. The Pur Sport is limited to a measly 218 mph.

Which one is better and which one should you buy? That’s not the kind question a Bugatti owner would ask. The average Bugatti owner owns 84 cars, so he would just buy both of them.