Bugatti Chiron At South OC Cars and Coffee

I checked out the new Bugatti Chiron at this week’s South OC Cars and Coffee. Until very recently, the Chiron was the fastest car in the world. Well, I guess it still is because the car the beat it, the SSC Tuatara, isn’t in production yet.

For the super rich car enthusiast, the average run-of-the-mill Ferrari or Lamborghini may fill the bill. If transportation with a mere six-figure price tag isn’t exclusive enough for you, then the Bugatti Chiron is here to fill the void in your fabulous life.

The Chiron costs more than $3 million, and it’s about as exotic as a hypercar can get. While the Chiron may not be the most accommodating choice for something like daily driving, it excels as a head-turning lust object at the South OC Cars and Coffee. It was the only car there to receive two parking spots.

The Chiron is powered by a quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine that makes 1500 horsepower and 1180 lb-ft of torque. Bugatti claims that the Chiron can blast from zero to 60 mph in a mere 2.3 seconds, which is just as quick as a Tesla Model S Performance. Top speed of the Chiron is a mind-bending 261 mph.

The Chiron’s singular focus on performance brings with it compromises on the infotainment front. There is no infotainment screen, and features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto aren’t available. You’re pretty much limited to a sound system and a trip computer. However, the sound system does feature four tweeters that each utilize a one-carat diamond membrane for precision sound. That’s what you’d expect from a car with a price that starts in the millions.