Bringing Back The WordPress Preview Window

Before heading to Computex Taipei, I updated the blog to WordPress 2.2 (I actually did it right at the airport). As some may recall, I had problems the first time I upgraded to 2.2 and had to downgrade back to 2.1. The main problem was the Top Commentators and MyBlogLog box disappeared. This problem was caused by a flaw in the ExecPHP plugin and the fact that I didn’t turn off the sidebar widget before upgrading.

The sidebar widget problem was easily fixed by turning off the widget before the upgrade. The ExecPHP plugin needed a code change before it will work with the new WordPress build. This fix was posted by Rod Templeton. In order to restore my Top Commentators and MyBlogLog I needed to find the following line of code the ExecPHP plugin:

register_sidebar_widget($name, $i <= $number ? 'widget_execphp' : /* unregister */ '', $i);

Replace the above line of code with this line of code:

register_sidebar_widget($name, $i <= $number ? 'widget_execphp' : /* unregister */ '', '', $i);

After the upgrade, the last thing to do was to bring back to the WordPress preview window. For whatever reasons, WordPress 2.2 replaced the preview pane with a preview link. Fortunately, Roblog created a plugin that will bring the preview window back.

It is recommended that all WordPress users upgrade to 2.2. WordPress 2.1 has a security issue that could allow hackers to get your password.