Bowling for Brisan and Parker

Market Leverage is holding a charity bowl-a-thon to help one of its employees raise money for their two eldest sons, Brisan and Parker Stults, who have recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic neurodegenerative disease called Niemann Pick Type C Disease, also known as “Childhood Alzheimer’s”. There is currently no cure and the outcome is fatal.

The bowl-a-thon aims to raise money and awareness for this deadly disease. All proceeds will go to the Niemann-Pick Children’s Fund in honor of Parker and Brisan Stults. If you live in the Florida area, then why not join Market Leverage for a night of bowling and networking. Entry is only $25 per bowler and there will be a ton of door prizes given away. I’m sure everyone who shows up will receive an “I’m blogging this” T-shirt.

If you can’t make the bowl-a-thon, then you may want to help sponsor the event. Sponsorship opportunities range from donating 10 cents per pin to sponsoring an entire team. Contact Dina at 407-268-7667 or for more details.

If you wish to make a donation to help Brisan and Parker, you may do so here. While there is no cure for the Niemann Pick Type C Disease, your donations will help fund more grants for research which could eventually lead to a cure. Currently Brisan and Parker take Zavesca (Miglustat) a trial drug that will possibly help buy them more time. The drug costs $160,000 per year. As you not doubt guess, this is putting a tremendous strain on the family. Your donations, thoughts and prays would be a great help.

Charity Bowl-a-Thon Flyer