Book Review – The BlogMaster Blueprint, 2nd Edition

John chow dot Com reader, Will Paoletto, has published the second edition of his book, The BlogMaster Blueprint, and it’s available on Amazon Kindle right now.

Will is a long time reader, and has done very well for himself. The BlogMaster Blueprint shows how Will started his blog, built it to $3,000 a month income, and then sold it for $30,000.

Do you want to make some serious money blogging? Hi, my name is Will Paoletto, and I recently sold a blog of mine, aptly titled, for $30,000. I took it from averaging $3,000 a month all the way through flipping it to someone else in a little less than two years. I created this book so that you can learn how to build a profitable web blog from the ground up — all you have to do is follow my blueprint.

blueprintThe nice thing about the The BlogMaster Blueprint is it’s not a long read. You should be able to finish in an hour or so. There is zero fluff in Will’s book. Only the most important content and resources that you need right now to start a profitable blog are presented.

The best thing about The BlogMaster Blueprint is the price. At only $2.99 for the Kindle edition, the The BlogMaster Blueprint is a can’t lose deal and you should add a copy to your blogging library.

Will is not your typical Internet marketer. There are no hidden upsells or continuities to deal with. This means that Will is leaving quite a bit of money on the table, but I get the feeling that making money from this isn’t his goal. Otherwise, he would have charged a lot more than $2.99 for it.

The BlogMaster Blueprint, 2nd Edition: How to Make Serious Money Blogging