Blogworld Expo 2009 – Getting Buzzed by BuzzVoice

Question – how do you get attention at Blogworld Expo if you’re a bootstrap start up and can’t afford the money and resources it takes to buy a Blogworld booth? Answer – you come to the show as an attendee and corner every big name blogger you can find and hope they will listen to your pitch. One attendee who did just that was BuzzVoice and their new iPhone app is sure to cause a lot of buzz in the blogsphere.

BuzzVoice will read out loud, the contents of your favorite blogs. The service automatically collects the news and blogs you wish you had time to read – and converts them to audio in real time – so you can listen to them on-the-go while you do other things. BuzzVoice works on your iPhone, iPod touch, regular iPods/MP3 players, and your computer. However, the iPhone app is definitely the coolest feature.

In addition to listening, you can view text, pictures and video, and share talking stories with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social sites. Coming up next – a BuzzVoice widget for bloggers to install on their blogs that will read your contents to your readers.