Blogging Platforms That Have Gone Mobile

We understand the power of mobile phones and the application market as it provides companies an enhanced way to interact with people. Many professionals are using mobile applications to make their job much easier. For example, they can now check statistics, download magazines, post images, and browse the web as it applies to their work. However, the professional circle has been expanded over the years to include bloggers who work from home, but provide some of the most valuable information online. With that said…

Many content management platforms have recognized the importance of mobile applications and now allow bloggers to engage on the road. It’s a great way for them to check statistics, publish posts, view comments, etc. These platforms have spent millions of dollars perfecting their applications so more bloggers feel the true power of blogging while mobile. Here’s a quick breakdown of some platforms that have dedicated apps available.


It’s one of the best blogging platforms and the most popular, outshining others. WordPress has transformed the way we blog and share content online. One of the reasons they have been so successful is they always stay ahead of the trends by making things easier for people who use their platform. For example, they have their own mobile application that allows bloggers to easily create and edit posts. This is especially useful to those who hold high authority within their profession and are constantly on the road.

Here are a few more things bloggers can do using the WordPress application…

  • Easily publish posts and comments
  • They can edit content and other elements of their blog
  • Upload media

If you’re spending long periods on the road, then you’ll be able to check statistics to ensure traffic is stable and you have the right audience visiting your website. The point is, WordPress gives you control of all the important things that matter when you are mobile.

Blogger is a popular platform but doesn’t come close to WordPress and its customization. I personally don’t use because of its limitations, but there are many people who find it engaging. Honestly, is perfect for those who are looking for a quick way to write down content and publish for personal use. It lacks the fundamentals to give you that smooth design, etc. However, you’d be surprised how many people actually like blogging for fun and don’t intend on sharing content online with others. does have a mobile application that gives you some control when you’re cruising the road. For example, it allows you to create, edit, and save posts for later publishing. Next, you can easily insert images to your posts through your mobile phone or image gallery. incorporated a cool feature known as geo-targeting. It allows you to add location information for the content that is geo-specific like events, conferences, shows, concerts, etc.

I create PBN’s (private blog networks) for my customers and have found one of the best web 2.0 blogging platforms. They are so easy to use and provide awesome advanced options for even FREE accounts. They have an enormous selection of themes, drag & drop features, fonts, etc. has outperformed many other web 2.0 blogging platforms because they know EXACTLY what their users are looking for. This can be seen in their awesome mobile application as they give you complete control. Here are some cool features…

You can completely start a new blog from your mobile phone. This means name, design, post, and publish while on the road. You can also respond to comments, share on social media, and do much more, all with the click of a button. added something cool to their mobile application to allow for increased engagement through images. They added image filtering so users can transform an ordinary photo into something more appealing online.

If you are using web 2.0 properties, I encourage all of you to open an account with because it’s a fully customizable platform. For those who require more space and leverage, you can upgrade to a higher plan for a reasonable price.

I’ve never played around with but have heard that it’s in high demand by many bloggers. Currently, it has more than 194 million blogs and is another top-notch blogging platform on the web. I consider it another awesome web 2.0 blogging platform that gives you awesome control over your content. understands the power they have online and have put a lot of money into designing an application that users find easy to use. For example, users can publish content, and upload images and videos. They can manage links and handle multiple blogs, all through a simple application. Frequency when blogging cannot be underestimated because Google loves a blog with fresh new content so has incorporated the ability to schedule posts through their mobile application. Finally, you can edit your blogs mobile layout through the application, which is something that other blogging mobile apps have yet to incorporate.

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