Blogging Online A Simple Idea

Blogging can be a very powerful business especially if you are focusing on the right niche. If your niche has enormous demand, then you can generate enormous readership, and even generate income from your blog. However, many of us fail before even starting because we simply don’t understand the fundamentals when starting a blog. Over the years, I have mentored many clients into starting a blog, and engineered a series of steps that have been proven to be very effective. For all of you looking to get started online, and need help starting a blog, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to my Ultimate Blogging Series, where I’ll be focusing on the step-by-step process of starting a blog the right way. Each step is from my own experience with my objective being for you to focus only on what matters. This will push you in the right direction so you cover the MOST important aspects going forward. Let’s get started with Part 1, where we’ll be discussing coming up with the right idea for your blog.

Coming up with the right idea has 2 important elements, which I’ll split into Part 1 and Part 2. Today, we focus on blogging based on your passion and why this is very important. Let’s get started, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Part 1 – A Simple Idea

I have worked with hundreds of people over the last 7 years, and have learned a lot about how passion plays a very important role in your success. Passion truly has a mind of its own, and if you choose to focus on passion, then you have a hidden driving force behind your blog. I believe passion will push you even when all else fails simply because you are working on a project you feel close to. You’ll keep pushing forward even when there is NO immediate monetary value provided.

What is passion? Here’s a quick definition from

Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, such as love or hate.

Strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

The object of such a fondness or desire.

The desire and love will be strong enough that you’ll push yourself forward because of the emotional attachment you have. Here’s another cool fact…

Many bloggers who have succeed online have done so because they simply love what they are doing. They started just because they wanted to explore the topic, and introduce others to their passion. They kept pushing forward even when NO monetary value was the benefit.

Anyway, how can you start a blog simply based on your passion? Here are a few quick steps you can apply right now…


Whenever I start a new project, I always research online to find out what others are saying about my niche. This will also help me generate some cool topics, and understand my audience better. The more research I do, the better I know where to focus in the long run. For example, if I know people are searching my niche within forums, and have a handful of questions, then I know two things:

  • What content to write, i.e., topics
  • Where to market my content afterwards

Remember, those of you who are passionate about your niche will want to make a difference, which is why it’s important to know what type of audience you have online.

You can do research within these “4” awesome channels that have always provided me with the information I need:

Google Search – Doing a quick search will provide you with results showing what EXACTLY the demand is for your niche. You’ll also find out who your competition is online.

Forums – These have been around forever, and provide you with real-time questions and answers within your niche. You can conduct research and find popular questions within your niche then answer them when you write content.

Google Trends – A very effective way to find out what keywords are trending related to your niche. You can find out how popular your niche is over a specific time-frame so you get a better understanding of the demand going forward. You can apply this knowledge to your blog, writing keyword-rich content that ranks high within the SERP’s.

Final Thoughts

Your passion can go along way when starting a business simply because you not only have knowledge already, but also because you’ll be ready to educate . Think about when you love doing something, and the effort you put into your work. Now apply this feeling to your online blog. It’s very hard to explain passion in business in-depth, but those of you with a passion for content writing and marketing will definitely understand the feeling.

In the next section, we’ll explore researching topics that are very popular, but NOT necessarily your passion. Many people get involved simply because there is enormous money in the niche and each year, there is growth at the same time.

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