Blogging from the perspective of an American Soldier

This post was guest blogged by Jose A. Colon, the cofounder of Today’s Realistic Solutions; a non profit organization based in Colorado that champions reforestation, and education.

I love challenges. To write a guest post for a prestigious site like is not only a great opportunity, but an honor. I might be a rookie blogger, but my experience in life do makes up for my blogger shortcoming.

I believe in success, perseverance, thoroughness, and passion.

In my line of work, I am a Soldier, if you do not have these attributes, you end up killed. This is not an exaggeration. As so, in my eyes, it translates into all aspects of life. From as long as I can recall, passion has being the common denominator in my existence. If I believe in something I will stick with it until the end, I will shamelessly promote it, and work hard to improve what can be improved, and facilitate that idea to fruition. Blogging should be no different. When I blog about what I am passionate, I am unstoppable, and my passion shows in my writing.

I am passionate about being a Soldier. I believe in what I do, and because my job is dangerous, I have learned to be thorough. Do you remember Murphy, of the famous Murphy’s Law? Every Soldier that has being around for a few years will tell you, you need to include Murphy in your planning. If it can go wrong, it usually will. As a master chess player, you need to plan at least three moves ahead. What will your enemy do next? As a blogger, who is your enemy? The competition? Time? Dyslexia? Procrastination? Lack of knowledge? Think my friend; all of these enemies can be easily defeated if you just thoroughly plan ahead.

Someone once said that “no plan survives first contact with the enemy intact”; and here is where the true professional makes his or her money. If you have planned accordingly, and attempted to anticipate your opponent’s next move, now you know where the punch is coming from, the amount of damage done, and you can either block, move out of the way, assimilate the damage, or counterattack, and continue toward your initial goal. If you are a coward, you will run at the first sight of blood. As a blogger, you will not answer the first critical comment on your blog, or you will not allow for comments. But if you are a warrior, you will welcome adversity, and continue blogging, because it is what you belief in. It is your passion, you are ready for the fight, and when you persevere, you have no other alternative but to succeed.

Success does not come easily for the warrior; and if it does, the warrior is eternally grateful, since he or she knows that the consequence of failure is death. In blogging, as in any other life endeavors, success does not come easy either, but when it does, do not forget to be grateful; because many wannabe warriors before you started in the race, but fell casualty of lack of passion, failure to plan, or lack of perseverance.