Blogging From KAL Business Class Lounge At LAX

KAL maintains two Lounges at LAX. The first class lounge is a small intimate space to relax and enjoy some instant noodle. The business class lounge is about five time bigger and has a lot more action.

The last time I was in the first class lounge, I almost fell asleep because I was the only person there. The business class lounge is much more open in terms of space and view. There’s also a lot more networking opportunities.

I’m at the lounge waiting for my flight to Guangzhou, China. Once I land there, I’ll have a three hour layover before boarding my flight to Bangkok, Thailand. Overall, I will fly out of LAX on Saturday 11:50pm and land in Bangkok on Monday at 10:50am. It’s a good thing my seat turns into a bed!

I am going to Thailand for the MOBE Titanium Mastermind. If you’re going there, then I look forward to meeting you. See you in Thailand!





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