Blog World Expo Super-Panel

The Super-Panel came together yesterday to electrify the attendees at Blog World Expo. This was without a doubt the most anticipated and highest attended session of Blog World. Then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less when you bring together five of the world’s biggest blogger on one stage. Add in moderation by Jim Kukral, plus a chance to win dinner with the panel and you got yourself the session to attend at Blog World.

The Panel started without Shoemoney because he got his time mixed up. He thought the session was at 1PM instead of 11AM. Jim asked the audience to send Shoe a tweet telling him to get his ass over to the panel. He finally showed up 25 minute late. Shoe did redeemed himself by adding some really valuable input to the session. The true reason Shoe came late would be revealed later in this Twitter post.

John Chow’s idea for me to show up late to the session worked amazingly well… almost 200+ new twitter followers and links to boot 😉

Jim started with a short introduction of the speakers and drawing the first of three winners of the Super-Panel dinner. Then he asked each of us how we monetize our blogs. This was followed by a few questions for each of us to answer. I was really amazed at how well we jelled together. Many people thought that bringing together that many big name bloggers would create a huge ego problem as we try to top each other. However, that never happen. We worked together amazingly well and I think the attendees got some really valuable information.

One of the best part of the session was when Jim asked attendees to step up to the Q&A mic to tell us their blog URL so we can critique it. There was almost a stampede to the mic!

The main problem with the Super Panel was we only had an hour. We could have gone on all day with the amount of feedback and questions from the audience. We kept going until we were forced to stop because the next session was about to begin. I would love to do this panel next year on a two hour time frame.