Blog World Expo – Day 1 Photos


Blog World is the first convention I’ve ever been to where I was some kind of Internet superstar. I lost track on the number of time someone came up to me and said, “OMG! You’re John Chow! Can I take a picture with you?” It’s quite humbling really. I didn’t expect this type of attention when walking the Blog World show floor.

The funniest event of the day was when I was at the Technorati booth. They asked me to look up my Technorati rank so they can put it on a sticker for me to wear. When I told the guy my rank was 41, he said, “No way!” Then he came over to check and said, “Oh, you’re John Chow.” Technorati didn’t give me a very good answer on why I wasn’t in the official top 100. Here are more photos from day 1 of Blog World.

It Was One Interview After Another



Meeting Up With Fellow bloggers & Sponsors






My Two Bags of Goodies


Look for more giveaways real soon! Tonight we are having dinner with Kontera and then heading to the Blog World party at the Hard Rock. It should be a good time! Look for more photos later.