Blog World Expo 2009 – How To Poken A Girl

The Poken was out in force at Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas. Market Leverage gave away several boxes of Pokens to show attendees. If you were not lucky enough to get one, you could buy one from the Poken girl that was roaming the show floor.

What The Heck is a Poken?

A Poken is your social business card. it’s an easy way to share your contact details and online social networks in the real world. just hold two poken palms together – high4! – and you’re connected. As your social business card, your Poken lets you connect on social networks without having to search for them, and you can easily download their contact details to programs like Outlook.

The next time you meet some hot babe roaming a trade show, just Poken her – no need for a pick up line! It’s so simple, even a geek can do it. The following video shows the right way to Poken a girl. We were going to include a clip of the wrong way but couldn’t find anyone willing to give me a virtual slap from the iFight app. They were willing to give me a real slap but I concluded that would hurt too much.