Blog Success and NBA Signature Moves

Although I have only been blogging for three months and consider myself a newbie to this game, I’ve noticed some key signature moves successful bloggers use. You may not have invented the move or do it as well as others; if you practice and employ them in some form, I strongly believe you will obtain some blogging success. With the NBA All Star Game coming around the corner, this reminds me of NBA signature moves and being a successful basketball player. The player may not have invented it or be as very skilful as others; if they use it in some form or other, they will increase their odds of scoring and having a successful career. Who would have thought there is a parallel between basketball and blogging?

Bold Critical Points: Finger Roll

George “The Iceman” Gervin added some flair and style on his way to the hoop. Rather than go in for a basic layup, he would gracefully swoop in and at the last moment flick the ball up over the defender for the bucket. In blogging, you could just make your point by basically typing out your words, but why not add some pizazz? Make it pop and stand out of your page by bolding your critical points. This will wake your reader up, hit the message home, and make a stronger impression!

Refer Previous Posts: No Look Pass

Magic Johnson, the leader of Showtime, mesmerized defenses and the crowd with his signature no look passes. Now you see it, now you don’t! He was literally a magician with a basketball. While you write-up your current post, make a no look pass to previous posts to back up your point. You showcase another article to your reader, you get an extra link, and you’ll leave your audience gasping for more!

Make Poignant Comments: Ally Oop

You see this all the time. The point guard leads the break and before the defense can settle in, the ball is lobbed toward the rim where a soaring teammate ignites the crowd with a thunderous SLAM DUNK! Pure teamwork and chemistry, this also translates to the blogosphere. Add your thoughts, opinions, and stories to your fellow blogger’s post, but make sure there’s some substance to it. Not only do you enhance the post, you also get to show your skills as a writer. If you’re lucky, you’ll attract new readers as well!

End With Questions: Skyhook

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the reigning scoring champion with his patented skyhook. Virtually unstoppable as he sets up his defender one way and then hooks the ball over his head and over his overmatched opponent’s block attempt. After you are done so eloquently making your points, hook a few thought-provoking questions at the end to get your readers thinking, engaged, and commenting. Make sure to follow-up and if all goes well you will have multiple conversations and more traffic flocking to your site!

Topic Twist: Dream Shake

Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon left many opposing centers in the popcorn machine with his dream shake. Catching the ball deep in the low post, he would fluidly fake one way and then make a little chip shot the other way.
Just search for his abuse of David Robinson and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I don’t see it all the time, but when a blogger does a topic twist, it makes a huge impact. I came across an article where the blogger listed all the reasons why you shouldn’t open a Roth IRA. At the end of it all, you’re amazed and get his point of why you should. I also refer to this as the M Night Shyamalan special. When done correctly, it’s a highly effective and a lethal way to grab more traffic, get people talking about your topic, and your twist!

Guest Post: Killer Crossover

Finally, Tim Hardaway left defenders looking silly as he faked one way and crossed over his dribble in the opposite direction. Turning on the jets, he coasted relatively free to an easy basket. When you crossover and guest post on other blogs, you introduce yourself to a new audience. Hopefully your killer style makes an impression, thus attracting new readers back to your site!

Like I said before, if you practice these moves regularly and use them in your own blog, your posts will be more effective and entertaining to read. It will be like watching an NBA game. With practice and hard work, success will be right around the corner because your blogging will be FANTASTIC!

What are your favorite blogging signature moves?

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