Blog Income Report – March 2008

Normally, the blog income report is the first post of the month but it was April Fools days yesterday and that meant I had to do a few tricks to take advantage of the linkbait fest. Now that it’s done, I can get back to business as normal and present the monthly blog income.

These reports started out as a case study to see if money can really be made by blogging. The original goal of the case study was to make full time income with part time blogging. That goal was achieved within three months of starting the study. Since then, the goal has been changed to how high I can push the monthly income.

The blog income has seen amazing growth since the case study started in September 2006. I watched it go from $352.94 to a record $30,616.35 in January 2008. Last month, blog income was down a bit to $29,643.01 because of fewer days in the month. March is a full 31 day month so there’s no excuse not to beat the February figure. And I don’t have any excuse to give.

Total Blog Income for March 2008: $31,441.24

The blog was able to maintain its $1,000+ per day level and registered another record breaking performance in March. In the first three month of 2008, the blog has made $91,700.60, or $30,566.67 per month. At this rate, the blog will have no problems beating the $300,000 goal I set for it. Here is the income breakdown.

  • Private Ad Sales: $15,230.00
  • Affiliate Commissions: $7,729.37
  • ReviewMe: $5,000.00
  • Text Link Ads: $2,031.90
  • Kontera: $1,000.00
  • TTZ Media: $384.24
  • FeedBurner: $45.73
  • Subscription: $20.00
  • Grand Total: $31,441.24

Blog traffic for March was 282,424 page views from 152,523 unique visitors, according to Google Analytics. This help achieved an insanely high eCPM of $111.33. The means this blog makes over $100 for every 1,000 page views. The blog RSS readership grew at a great rate by going from 20,000 to over 23,000 readers over the course of the month.

Blog expenses for the month were $520.45 for contextual advertising on Google AdWords and Bidvertiser. Hosting for John Chow dot Com is sponsored by BlueFur Web Hosting (that means I don’t have to pay for it). BlueFur provide this blog with great service and amazing uptime. I highly recommend them. Use coupon code JohnChowRocks to get 15% off any BlueFur hosting packages.

Want To Be a Six Figure Blogger?

Everyone thinks there’s some secret to making money by blogging. There isn’t. Making money from blogging requires you to do only two things: drive a lot traffic, then maximize the income from that traffic. Everything I do on this blog either helps drive traffic or maximize income. Maximizing income is achieved by running as many advertising options as possible while still providing a good user experience. Too many blogs run Google AdSense and nothing else. If I had stuck with AdSense only, this blog would be making about $1,000 per month instead $1,000 per day. Check out my recommended money makers to see what ad networks I used to produce my blog income.

I also recommend you download my free eBook, Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com. The book explains the methods I used to create content, drive traffic and make money online. You can get it for free by signing up for my free newsletter at the top center of the page.

If I were to believe all those “I’m going to unsubscribe from your blog because you Rick Rolled me!” comments, this blog is going to hit a record low for April. I guess we’ll find out next month. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ