Blog Action Day – Being Environmentally Responsible

Today is Blog Action Day and all bloggers on the blogsphere are being asked to write about the things bloggers can do to help the environment.

I thought about the things I could do as a blog owner and came up with a stuff like not leaving the computers on 24/7 (which I do) and getting one of those green LCDs.

However, I’ve decided the best way to help the Earth stay green is to place an order for this:


The Chevy Volt is GM’s charge into the electric car field. It’s the son (or grandson) or the failed EV1. If you were around during the time of the EV1, you’ll understand why Chevy is not calling the Volt the EV2.

Never Use a Drop of Gas

The Volt is based on the concept that 78% of commuters drive less than 40 miles to and from their destination. The Volt uses an E-Flex Propulsion System to run gasoline-free. You charge it up at home with a house socket, drive to work/game/play, drive home and plug it back in to charge again. As long as your trips doesn’t consume more than 40 miles, you will never use a drop of gasoline! How’s that for being green? :mrgreen:

150 Miles Per Gallon

Say you don’t have a short drive to work. Or maybe you need to run a few extra errands some days, pushing you to around 60-miles per day. The Chevy Volt can still work for you. You can use electric power exclusively for up to 40 miles of your trip. Then the range-extending power source – which creates electricity from gasoline, E85 or biodiesel fuels – seamlessly kicks in to recharge the lithium ion battery pack as required.

Expect an estimated 150 equivalent miles per gallon when you use this electric battery and gasoline-combination to drive approximately 60 miles per day. Estimated annual gasoline savings: 570 gallons. Estimated cost savings: $1368 after using electricity to recharge. If you keep driving the Volt and rely on the gas engine to keep the battery charged up, it will go 650 miles before the 12 gallon gas tank is emptied.

Go Green or Go Home

The problem I have had with electric cars in the past was they’re slow and ugly. While I wouldn’t class the Volt’s styling as beautiful, I wouldn’t class it as ugly. As for slow, the Volt can hit 0-60 in 8.5 seconds, which is pretty damn fast for an electric car.

The Chevy Volt is expected to go on sale in late 2008/early 2009 as a 2010 model. No doubt about it, this will go great parked next to the Hummer. 😈