Biting The Hand That Feeds That Me

Shortly after writing my post on how to really clean your mailing list, I realized that the article could negativity affect my income.

Aweber is one of my bigger online income sources and by showing you how to reduce your email list billings, I am effectively reducing that income source. Aweber pays me a percentage of the billings on customers I refer to them. The bigger the bill, the more money I make. By showing customers how to reduce their monthly Aweber bill, I reduce my own income. Another thing that occurred to me was Aweber might not be happy with my post. I could very well be biting the hand that feeds me.

In the end, I decided to publish the post anyway for two main reasons. The first is delivering value. I believe that your online income is directly proportional to the amount of value you deliver. Yes, the post might reduce my Aweber income but it delivered a lot of value for the readers and it will be rewarded. Maybe not right away but somewhere down the line the value I created will come back to me in a greater amount.

The second reason I published the post is because I spent two hours writing it and it would piss me off to not make it go live. So hand be damned, I’m biting it!

If you’ve found value in these advanced email marketing posts (there will be more to come), then I hope you take action on them. If you don’t have an Aweber account yet, go sign up for one. It will help me make up for the money I’m going to lose. 😛