Bietrun WXM22 Wireless Microphone Unboxing and Review

The Bietrun WXM22 is a professional wireless recording microphone system designed to compete with the Rode Wireless Go. It offers more features and cost less than half the price.

The Bietrun UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System offers an operating range up up to 50 meters (164 feet) and has 50 UHF bands to ensure no interference from other audio sources. Unlike the Rode Wireless Go, which has only 3 levels of recording adjustment for the receiver only, the Bietrun WXM22 offer 15 levels of adjustments for both the receiver and the transmitter.

You can record audio with the built in mic found in the WXM22 transmitter or with the supplied lavalier microphone. The Rode Wireless Go comes only with a built in mic. Adding Rode lavalier cost extra. The receiver on the Bietrun WXM22 also features an audio out so you can monitor the sound with headphones. This is a great feature to have, and a missing feature on the Rode Wireless Go, as it allows you to monitor the sound coming out the microphone.

The Bietrun WXM22 receiver and transmitter are powered by a built in 650 mAh battery that takes three hours to charge and have a five hour recording life. A 2-in-1 USB-C charging cable is included with the system. The wireless microphone system has all the needed cables to connect with all digital cameras and smartphones.

The best part of the Bietrun WXM22 is the price. You can get it for less than $90. That means the WXM22 cost less than half the price of the Rode Wireless Go, while offering the same battery life and way more features. If you like saving money and don’t need the Rode name, then the Bietrun WXM22 is your answer to getting great audio with your video.