Bidvertiser Offers RSS Ads

Long time John Chow dot Com sponsor, Bidvertiser, has entered the RSS advertising game. Officially launched today, the new service will allow bloggers to monetize their RSS feeds.

Signing up for the service is a bit more involve than most RSS advertising solutions. You first need to be an approved Bidvertiser publisher. You can sign up for the publisher program here. Once approved, log into your account and click on the Public Beta link to sign up for the RSS option.

Enter Feed Information


Enter the URL to your feed and a name you want to give for your new Bidvertiser feed and click Next.

Verify Feed Ownership

Once you’ve finished entering your feed information, you are required to verify that you are indeed the owner of the feed. That is done by making a post with Your Feed Verification code. My code is:


Bidvertiser will look for the code in the feed and once it finds it, your account will be approve and you can start making money with your RSS. Once the feed has been verified (it takes about a minute), you can delete the post with the verification code. More advertising options are always good. I’ll let you know how it does.

Sign up for Bidvertiser