Better Kontera WordPress Plugin

Kontera ContentLink is one of this blog’s better money makers. However, many bloggers have problems installing the codes. The last Kontera WordPress Plugin I profiled had invisible links in it that could get you banned from Google. Since broke that story the author of the plugin has made the invisible links optional. Why he didn’t just get rid of it is beyond me.

None of this matter anymore because Karol Krizka of has created an even better Kontera WordPress plugin.

The plugin automatically generates the Kontera Ad Code, which is configurable through the WordPress admin panel, and inserts it at the bottom of the blog. The advantage that it has over Rodney Shupe’s Kontera ContentLinks / MIVA InLine Plugin[1] is that in my plug-in you can specify which posts to omit Kontera ads from. I did this because PayPerPost requires you to remove any ads that will overlap the content of the post, and I got too tired of having to add the HTML code to do it every time.

In addition to deciding which posts have and don’t have Kontera ContentLink, Krizka’s plugin allows you to change the link color and other options, all from within the WordPress admin panel. Another nice feature is the plugin restricts the Kontera ads to your blog posts – no text in your sidebar, header or footer will be highlighted. That will really help to increase the click rate.

Installation of the plugin is a simple download, unzip, upload and activate. The plugin adds a Kontera Integration tab to the Options section of your WordPress admin panel. From there you can set your publisher ID and link color. A box is added to the Write New Post screen allowing you to turn ContentLink on and off.

Kontera ContentLink allows you to make money from advertising without giving up any current advertising spots. Their technology reads your post and turns certain words into an ad. The highlighted words are double underline and an ad pops up when you hover over it. You make money when a reader clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser.

Download Kontera Integration