Better Comments Manager WordPress Plugin

This blog gets tons of comments everyday. Managing them can be a lot of work. A few months ago, Keith Dsouza from Techie Buzz emailed me saying he created a WordPress plugin that will allow me to better managed my comments.

The plugin allows you to reply to comments from within the WordPress admin panel. There was only one problem – it didn’t work with Brian’s threaded comments. I told Keith to give me a shout once he gets the plugin working with threaded comments.

Not only did Keith did as I requested but he added a bunch of other features to the new Better Comments Manager. Among the new features of Better Comments Manager are:

  • Removed scrolling effect on adding a new comment
  • Compatible to store threaded replies
  • Added functionality to edit comments from within the same page
  • You can either add a threaded reply or create a new reply
  • Accessible from the WordPress main menu


Installation of the plugin is a simple download, unzip, upload and activate. The plugin works really well and is a pleasure to use. The ability to quickly reply to comments from within the WordPress admin panel is a real time saver. I highly recommend this plugin for any WordPress blog that gets even a handful of comments.

Download Better Comments Manager