Best Practices Tips For Adwords Newbies

We want to get after it here with some tips for some new Adwords people, and PPC people.  This is an important step that often we just jump past, and often, even if we are able to get a good education on the details of these basics, usually we never go back and look at them again!  I compare this to fundamentals in any sport you play.  Each player is going to go back and do the same stuff they were doing in 6th grade.  This stuff works the same way.  We would rather you not forget the stuff that REALLY matters.

SEM campaigns are usually focused on stats and numbers while managing accounts both large and small.  Every ad group, or keyword usually requires an in-depth search depending on what you are wanting to gain from it, and what your specific goals are for it.  Marketing is statistics when you think about it.  Here are some very important basics for all you guys and girls new to the game!

Quality Score

AdwordsBudgets can change depending on goals and finances in the company or project you are working with.  Quality Score is one of the…, it is THE most important metric that you can use to determine cost per click, and ad position.  If you ignore this, you will pay for it. If you pay attention to this number, you will keep your budget in good shape.

Quality score is sometimes a tricky metric.  This is basically what we are concerned with when it comes to quality score:

  • Relevance of Keyword to its Adgroup
  • Load Time and other relevancy factors
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Relevance of Keywords to the Ad Copy
  • Overall performance History
  • Click through rate

This is not going to be an easy thing to just push through the roof.  It is, however necessary, and it is at times like beating a dead horse.  If will pay off if you are persistent with it, though.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate basically means how well your ads and campaigns are reaching the goals you set.  Conversion rate is calculated as total conversions/total viewsx100.  If your conversion rate is only .5%, you will then know to look at the Ad Campaign and adjust to that you are targeting the right audience, and getting the conversions you need to help balance out cost of clicks and make the profit you are looking for.

Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate is, in my opinion, the next thing you want to keep an eye on, after Quality Score.  Click through rate will help determine if your ads are targeting the right audience.  Also, it helps in showing you which keywords are doing better over time.

Do this right, and your customers will run toward you.  Wrong, and you will never get off the ground.

Please, if you are a newbie to this stuff, please pay attention to the BASICS.  This is what really matters.  There are more complicated things that can effect your success, but this is the baseline for making your campaigns work.