Behind Blogging Glory Is Consistent Production

What do you bring to the table? Some come across John, Darren, or Seth’s site, and wonder why they are not at the same level of followers or income. They might make excuses to themselves like “I didn’t start early enough”, “I’m not as passionate about the topics I write about”, “It would take too long for me to develop the raw abilities these guys have”, or ” I they don’t have a separate company that supplements my site.” Their focus should instead be on that which generated/generates this high positional status.

John Chow has written what I would assess as an average of two posts a day for an extensive period of time. How many times have you checked your Reader feed updates to see a new notice of an article by John? When I think of similarly active individuals like Daniel Scocco or Seth Godin, the first thing that comes to mind is volume and relevancy. There is a steady stream of on-topic material coming from the ones who have the biggest follower-ships.

Focus On Effort, Not Numbers

Anyone who is frustrated with the high profits and subscriber counts of other individuals should go through this process: take the money and follower amount out of the equation. By following this simple mental activity, you will then be focused on the right area to analyze, which is the effort put out to consistently bring relevant content to the masses. Sites that are getting more and more for their written material are worth every penny and follower, because their continued diligence is what keeps followers from feeling like they are being used, as opposed to being appreciated. We seek consistency in our environment, and for those that subscribe to feeds, a lack of consistency leaves an empty feeling, often leading to un-subscription.

Remove the money and book deals that Seth Godin gets, as well as his followers, and you are then able to see that what you have is an individual putting out loads of writing and ideas. We start to take it for granted that big bloggers can continue to come up with current discussions on their topic of choice. Imagine yourself in Seth Godin’s position. You would have a huge following, and an overabundance of feedback coming your way, but you would also have to accept that as normal and focus on bringing inventive marketing points out through your daily articles. I would guess that anyone who really put themselves in the mindset of a big-time blogger would feel overwhelmed. We normally tend to see all the benefits, but refrain from looking at a site from a production standpoint, and this is probably because our minds can’t imagine keeping up with the workload.

Although this is not a message meant to say that you should become Seth Godin #2, it is a message meant to bring those perplexed individuals seeking monetary and social success more in line with reality. Anyone looking to rise to a position of prominence, and who doesn’t perform up to par with those who are currently already there, will be frustrated until their ambitions are lowered, or their action-taking/ability increases. If you are not in a big blogging/writing/entrepreneurial position right now, that is 100% of your own choosing.

Armen Shirvanian writes for Timeless Information on the topics of mindset development and social interaction. He has recently created a compilation eBook that contains thorough discussion about 11 valuable quotations.