Before You Link Out To An Interesting Post

As bloggers we tend to always be on the lookout for useful content that we can write about or link to. The next time you see an interesting story, instead of immediately linking out to the story why not try and write about it in your own words instead? You’ll get more traffic that way and YOU will be seen as a useful source of information about the story, which will encourage other bloggers to link to you.

For example, if you see a story posted on someone else’s blog about a topic you like, don’t just create a new post like this:

“John has just posted his opinion of [some topic] on his blog. You can see his post [here]”.

Read John’s post and see if you can come up with your own post about that particular topic/event/product as well. There’s nothing wrong with YOU posting your opinion instead of just linking out to someone else’s. If you did come across the topic/product you’re blogging about by reading another persons blog just add something like this at the end of your post to give them some link love:

“I first heard about [whatever you’re blogging about] on John’s blog at, so shout out to John for his informative post”.

This keeps everyone happy. You publish a new, informative blog post. John gets some link love and your readers are happy that you’ve taken the time to share your opinion with them instead of directly linking them to someone else’s blog.

This post was “guest blogged” my me, Mitchell Harper. I also run my own blog where I focus on tips to increase your website traffic. I have been online for over 10 years and run a successful software company called Interspire.