Basics Of Link Building (And Some Unorthodox Tactics)

It is very important for an online marketer to know ways to link build. Links are after all the easiest way for ranking sites like Alexa or Google, to determine whether a web page is trustworthy or important.

Link building is also making your web page accessible to many people, that way they will be able to spread your message to other online users as well. The more links you create or build the better your ranking is in the search engines.
How to develop authority and accessibility – ways to link build:

  • Visitors should easily understand your web page’s content (because in return, they’ll be sharing your content)
  • Edit your content; avoid wrong grammar and wrong spelling
  • Create a privacy policy that is easily accessible
  • Have an “about us” section, and have your picture included. This will create trustworthiness and authority.

Other ways to link build:

  1. Create traffic by joining a pay per click campaign. When many people visit, your site there is a possibility that they will link to it.
  2. Write and submit articles to news websites.
  3. Make surveys or studies that will stir people’s interest and make them feel important, this will get you high quality links too.
  4. Submit your site to free directories or paid directories, these are ways to link build.
  5. Link your site to local government resources, local libraries and to manufacturers or retailers you buy from.
  6. Create a blog and post great content regularly, this will create great links.
  7. Link your blogs to other blogs. Other bloggers are interested to know where there traffic is coming from; this is one way of getting them to notice you and link back to you.
  8. It is also useful to comment on other blogs, if your comments are good, other bloggers will be interested to read your blogs and possibly link to it.
  9. Offer free resources, you can attract visitors by anything that is Free.
  10. Employ writers who write better than you do, to create great articles for your blog or site.

10 Natural ways to link build:

  1. Sponsor or organize a yearly competition or contest.
  2. Sponsor a yearly charitable event.
  3. Create a partnership with a similar service provider.
  4. Offer rebates to disadvantaged group like the disabled, senior citizens, or special groups like students.
  5. Offer free music downloads.
  6. Write about healthy recipes and advice on healthy living.
  7. Offer important advices on self-improvement.
  8. Republish and translate your content into different languages.
  9. Initiate a green movement like “clean air” website or plant a tree movement. These is one of the great ways to link build.
  10. Create a regularly updated list of useful resources.

Avoid low quality links and stop spending money on overly expensive ways to link build. Use natural ways to link build.

This will not only save you money, you will soon realize that these are better ways to link build.

You can create sustainable, genuine links.  However, always remember that content is important, so publish or create contents that can shape, mold or change peoples’ lives.

Andre Conferido has been in the internet marketing business for over 5 years mainly doing “niche blogging”. Andre is also a writer at the make money online blog