BabyTV.Com – First Internet TV Station for Parents

As a parent of a newborn, I’m always on the look out for good parenting and baby information sites. Last week I noticed a Baby Videos link showed up under the Featured Sites section. The link went to a site call My first thought was, “Wow! This site is not a mom and pop operation.” Indeed, it is not. is the latest website venture of publicly traded BabyUniverse, Inc. In addition purchasing a text link, BabyUniverse ordered up a ReveiwMe review for It must be nice to have a big advertising budget. 🙂

BabyTV.Com – The First Internet Television Station Dedicated to Parents


Launched in December 2006, brings a rich user experience with high quality video content and interactive functionality for parents, parents-to-be, and caregivers. offers an extensive catalog of streaming television programming targeted to new and expectant parents from recognized experts throughout the industry. is the first Internet-based television network dedicated to moms. allows new and expectant parents to tune in to broadcast-quality streaming television, upload videos to share with the community, interact with live events, engage in e-commerce transactions, browse links on the web, and participate in’s robust online community.

Viewers can tune into the 24/7 schedule featuring entertaining and informative videos from content partners Oxygen Media, Alpha Mom, The HealthCentral Network and Real Savvy Moms. In addition parents can share self-produced videos through the MyBabyTV section of the site. MyBabyTV offers an easy way to share opinions about BabyTV content by providing feedback on specific videos, participate in polls, and post original comments in video forums. Mostly, it’s a great place to post and view baby videos like this one. also offers a library of text-based articles written by industry experts that are available to users of the site. The articles are divided into four sections: Preconception, Pregnancy, Baby, and Parenting.

I wish was around when Sarah and I were going through “our pregnancy.” I could have used a lot of its advice. However, the baby and parenting section is still very relevant for me. For such a new site, offers an amazing amount of information. But you expect that from a website started by a multi-million dollar company.

First To Broadcast From The JPMA was the first site that was allowed to bring a Camera and broadcast from the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) Live. In addition to live reporting from the show floor, will also broadcast JPMA-sponsored events such as the Innovation Awards and New Product Showcase, as well as conducting product demonstrations with participating show exhibitors.

The Business Model is a great example of a content based eCommerce site. While does make money from advertising on the site and the TV show, its main purpose is to drive targeted traffic to BabyUniverse’s online stores. Through its websites, Dreamtime Baby and Posh Tots, the company is a leading online retailer of over 30,000 brand-name baby products.

Being a content-based site, has a much easier time being indexed by Google. This Search traffic can be easily monetized with advertising and joint promotions with the eCommerce stores. You can see an example of this with the cash bonus program.

You can tell BabyUniverse, Inc. is putting a lot of money behind Buying a link and ReviewMe review from this blog is just tip of the promotional iceberg. Just imagine how much they paid for the domain name! I wish them the best of luck. This will be an interesting site to keep an eye on from both a parent and Internet business model standpoint.