Awesome Digital Marketing Facts You Should Know

Here’s a quick definition I pulled off Google search…

“Digital marketing is a term that has been around for quite awhile but hasn’t been very well defined, encompassing things like banner advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click. Yet, this is too narrow of a definition.”

Digital marketing is changing because the marketing systems that use to work before no longer provide optimal results. Before, it was as simple as purchasing ad space and tweaking your conversion rate, but the only channel to do this was on niche-relevant websites. We now have a handful of new platforms changing the way we engage with our audience. For example, mobile devices, social media networks, organic traffic, and even mobile applications. With an increasing number of people using different devices to browse and read content online, it’s even more important we make a change to our digital marketing strategy. Next,

We need to study the facts because with a growing number of channels, you need statistics to make sure you tweak and optimize correctly. If your business depends on “digital marketing” to attract an audience, then these facts are definitely going to be useful to you.

Let’s jump right into it…

Not Top Priority

We’ve heard “content is king” but things can be slowly changing. Sometimes, no matter how much digital marketing you do, it might NOT help the end result – ranking your website. Why? Some of the top ranking websites are platforms that engage users giving tools, interaction, communities, etc. I’m not saying you should focus on the quality of content you write, but maybe change around your priorities. Maybe you should create content that’s interactive and causes people to perform a task, etc. These types of content will encourage people to share, comment, and even download. It’s as simple as adding content, hoping it’ll rank because Google looks for user engagement and has systems in place to track it. For example,

Bounce rate is a good indication of engagement and even shares. Next, an increase in visitors and average time spent on the site. Think about it this way… and Wikipedia both have interactive platforms where people can upload content, videos, and edit.

Mobile Usage

If you’re investing in digital marketing, then focus on networks that are mobile compatible. It’s been stated that in “mobile” usage in regard to browsing, conversions has increased with 1/3 of all users accessing through smart-phones. If you don’t have a marketing strategy focusing on these statistics, then you’ll lose 1/3 of the potential conversions. The next time you look to invest in digital marketing, pay close attention to the following…

  • The ads are mobile friendly
  • Have large mobile partners
  • Display with a clear call-to-action
  • Offer different templates to diversify your marketing campaign

Email Outperforms Social Media

No matter what type of growth we’ve seen with social media channels, email still brings the highest engagement. If you’re marketing your blog and trying to build momentum, then it’s important to focus on collecting email subscribers because it’s a funnel for continuous marketing. Through email marketing you can…

  • Increase return visitors quickly
  • Market new products and services
  • Increase ROI and conversions
  • Focus on long-term marketing
  • It’s very cost-effective

Other marketing platforms can cost you an enormous investment without seeing a ROI but once you have email subscribers, you can re-market several times without paying an extra dime. These facts are a reason email marketing continues to triumph over social media channels.

Focus on Application

There has been a huge increase in application use that you can use to your advantage. Many advertising networks give you the option to tweak your ads to display within applications. It’s said that 67% of users are on application at any given time, so make sure you take advantage of their popularity. How? Well…

Partner with popular mobile applications to display your adverts so you can increase potential audience. Next, always stay ahead of the trend, looking for new niche-relevant applications to partner with. If possible, you might want to develop an application to market and promote your products going forward. This way, you’re eliminating the investment when marketing on other applications and can create a profit model on your own funnel.

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