Attitude Session – How Evil Do You Think?

There is an old saying that states if you want to be like somebody, you got to think like somebody. In other words, if you want to be like evil (that’s me), you have think like evil. Earlier today, I posted a test to see if there were any evil thinkers out there.

What Were You Thinking?

When I made the post about the Technorati glitch that had everyone ranked at number 1, what went through your mind? If it was taking a screen shot so you can post it on your blog, you were not thinking like evil. You see, the first thing that came into my mind when I saw that was to update my ReviewMe ranking.


Mind you, the updated ranking doesn’t give me any more stars since I already have the maximum five. However, having the 1 next to those star looks pretty damn cool!

I’m a little dismay to find out that only one other blog took advantage of the Technorati glitch. Congrats to Steve’s Tech Blog for some evil outside the box thinking.

When an opportunity presents itself, you have to take advantage of it. This evil out of the box thinking is what’s going to make you the big Internet bucks. A lot of my success came from simple ideas that people didn’t think up but now everyone is copying because they see the success I have. Being a first mover gives you a major advantage. Remember, the only million dollar home page that actually made a million dollar was the first one.

Why I Didn’t Tell Readers To Update Their ReviewMe Stats

There were two reasons why I didn’t tell readers to update their ReviewMe stats. The first was I wanted to see if anyone else was able to pick up on it. The second was I didn’t need a bunch of 4-star blogs hitting five stars and pushing me down on the ReviewMe blog list.

Evil always thinks one step ahead. 😈