Attention: Policy Support, Twitter Inc.

Dear Twitter,

Please be advised that someone is impersonating me on Twitter. This person has registered and is pretending to be me. He is using my name and my image and claims to own

The official twitter account of John Chow dot Com is located at I was alerted to the impostor by a reader who has been following him for months thinking he was me. I have alerted your office about this impersonator and you’ve asked me to fax over proof that I am the real John Chow.

In addition to sending over the proof you asked for, I offer you this blog post on John Chow dot Com proclaiming that the official Twitter username for John Chow is @JohnChow. I requested that you remove and ban the impostor and turn the @johnchowcom account over to me.

Thank you.

The Real John Chow

Is Someone Impersonating You on Twitter?

Impersonation is a violation of the Twitter rules. Twitter users are allowed to create parody, commentary, or fan accounts. However, accounts with the clear intent to confuse or mislead are not allowed and may be permanently suspended.

If someone is impersonating you on Twitter, you can report them here. Twitter takes impersonation very seriously and will respond within 48 hours.