#ASW15 – The Affiliate Summit Selfies + Upskirt Shot

Thanks to front facing cameras found in most smartphones, taking selfies is the current rage. Many new digital cameras, like the new Canon Powershot G1X, features a flip up LED screen so you can see how you look before taking the selfie.

Most selfies are head shots. In order to get full body coverage, you’ll need to move the camera further away. This is where the selfie stick comes in, and one of the best is the GoPole Reach – 14-40″ Telescoping Extension Pole. When mounted onto a GoPro camera, you’ll be able to take great selfies of not just yourself and your friends, but you’ll be able to get a lot of the background in as well. Here are some selfies I took during #ASW15.








The photo below is my failed attempt at an upskirt shot. I don’t recommend you use the GoPole Reach for this, unless you want to get slapped, or you know the person has a great sense of humor.


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