#ASW15 – No Box Lunches At Affiliate Summit

One of the more unique features that Affiliate Summit has over other trade shows is the food. With other shows, like the CES and E3 Expo, you get a cheap box lunch that has nothing more than a cold sandwich, chips, and an apple. And this is if you bought a VIP ticket!

When it comes to food, Affiliate Summit stands head and shoulders above the rest. They go all out with a catered lunch that would make many wedding buffets jealous. Not only is the food hot and delicious, there’s also a full dessert table and a full bar. On top of all that, ASW offers the same thing for breakfast!

This is one of the reasons attendees at Affiliate Summit are happier than attendees at other trade shows. Full attendees = happy attendees. Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

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