#ASW14 – Rapid-fire Live Landing Page Critiques

Affiliate Summit is the place to go to get the answers to your make money online questions, and one of the biggest questions for affiliate marketers is, “Does my landing page stink?” According to conversion expert Tim Ash, the answer is yes. Fortunately, Tim is the man that can also help you fix it.

Your landing page stinks – its just a question of degree. Bring your URL and noted author and Conversion Rate Optimization expert Tim Ash will give you some quick and actionable conversion help.

Tim is the CEO of SiteTuners, a conversion rate optimization firm that works with companies to improve online conversion rates. During his session, Tim offered free critiques of your landing page. All you had to do was email your page to him. He’ll load it up on the screen, and tell you why your page sucks donkey balls. After trashing your page, Tim will tell you what you need to change to improve the conversion.

I submitted my page, and Tim was actually quite nice about it. He offered some changes for me to test out. My landing page converted at 80% on my last test, so I’m super excited to see how it does with Tim’s suggestions.

Tim is the author of Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions, and he raffled off a dozen copies of his book to attendees. I managed to secured a copy from him later on, and got him to sign it as well.

If you need help with your landing page, I am doing a live webinar tomorrow with the cofounder and CEO of LeadPages, Clay Collins. It won’t be as one-on-one as what Tim did, but you’ll received a ton of great information that will really help you increase your landing page conversions.