#ASW14 – Clicking with ClickBank

During my time at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas I got to hang out with a lot of affiliate networks. One of the better known ones is ClickBank. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve blogged about ClickBank numerous times in the past.

ClickBank is one of my biggest money makers. You can make money with ClickBank as an affiliate or as a publisher. I’ve done both, and while the real money is made by being a publisher, you can also make a lot of money by being an affiliate as well. Read my seven-step system for making big money with Clickbank. If you still want more hand holding afterward, you can get my IM John Chow system. It breaks down ClickBank marketing into baby steps that even a child can follow.

The ClickBank booth was one of the booths that had a free beer station. Nothing stops people in their tracks more than free beer! I cornered Josh Valencia so he can explain what ClickBank is all about.