Asking The Pros About SEO – Affiliate Summit West 2011

SEO – Ask the Pros is a panel session moderated by Bruce Clay and panelists Todd Friesen, Greg Boser and Stephan Spencer. The session started with a quick introduction and what each panelist think will be key to affiliates in the next 12 month. Since these are SEO pros, it also means their answer is the same: links, links and more links. The panel then took questions from the audience.

The first question was about the use of article spinners and whether they work to increase ranking. All the panelist agreed that it doesn’t and any increase it will have will be temporary. Stephen Spencer feels that articles spinners are not a good return on investment from an SEO standpoint. It’s better to create real unique articles. Other advice the panel recommend include.

  • Stephen Spencer gave an example on how he used Shoemoney to do a contest by having readers design Shoe’s new business card. The contest got picked up by many design blogs and the company that ran the promotion with Shoe got ranked number one on Google for the term “Business Card.”
  • Inforgraphics can make great linkbait.
  • Don’t focus too much on exact match keywords. Google is getting good at detecting gaming of exact match keywords.
  • Authority is important than the anchor text.
  • Offer to speak at a university to get a .edu link.
  • You can manage your link on a link level.
  • Google is dialing back domain name with keywords on it by not giving it as much weight.
  • Avoid domains with more than two hyphens as Google considers them spammy.
  • Never write any post about how good you are doing in Google.

Ask the SEO Pros