Asia Trip All Booked

I spent most of tonight finalizing my trip to Asia and Computex. I really left this too long but it can’t be help since this year a company offered to pay my way there. It’s a nice gesture but it would have been better if they booked everything sooner. Now, I find the flight date I wanted is booked out. Instead of flying into Taipei on June 5th I will arrive a day early on June 4th.

This year’s trip to Asia will take me to Taipei, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Newly retired Dot Com, Stephen Fung, will be joining me. We’ll leave Vancouver on Saturday June 3rd at 2:55AM and land in Taipei on June 4th at 5:10AM. I still have to arrange for a limo to pick us up the airport. Computex starts on June 6 so that give us a couple of extra days to get over the jet lag. Hopefully, some of the other fellow tech sites will be flying in early so we can all hang out. That’s the one thing I love about these trips – hanging out with fellow Dot Coms.

On June 9th, we’ll be flying to Shenzhen, China via Hong Kong. Taiwan does not allow direct northern flights into China, so we have to fly to Hong Kong first then head to Shenzhen. We’ll stay in Shenzhen till June 11th. I am not sure what we’ll be doing there, besides touring a big factory populated by workers who make $100US a month. I’m sure the sponsoring company has city tours and parties planned.

After China, we’ll head back to Hong Kong for three days of shopping before flying home. Flying home involves a bit of time traveling. We fly out on June 14th at 9:00PM and will land in Vancouver at 7:45PM on the same day. It’s always neat to travel back in time.