#ASE14 2 Drinks Per Visit Limit, AKA The John Chow Rule

Affiliate Summit is one of a few tradeshows that have bars scattered throughout the show floor. It’s really cool to be able to grab a drink while walking from booth to booth.

All affiliate Summit attendees at the New York show who have VIP passes and above gets a bunch of drink tickets as part of their purchase. The tickets are good for any alcoholic or nonalcoholic drink at the bar.

In the past few years, affiliate Summit has put a limit of two drinks per bar visit on all the tickets. The limit is clearly printed on the ticket itself.


I’m pretty sure the limit was put in place because of what I did at past shows. Before the limit was put in place, I used to gather as many drink tickets as possible, then go to the bar and empty them. Then I would bring the loot back to the blogger lounge and we would have a beer party.

Because of the John Chow rule, you won’t be seeing anymore videos like the ones below.