Are You Too Busy To Stay Active on Your Blog

As your blog grows, you become busier writing content and getting involved in many side projects. There are a handful of blogs I read that are popular in the content marketing, SEO, and general blogging niche with the owners involved in several projects at once. There comes a point where you’ll be simply too busy to care for your blog and will need some help keeping it active. You have to remember people have been visiting your blog because you provide value so removing this element can have detrimental effects. You’ll lose revenues, visitors, search rankings, and credibility.

However, there are a few tricks that you can utilize to keep your blog active and keep the momentum going. Let’s explore some of these options.

Hire Writers

Many bloggers try and avoid having other people write content for their blog, but I personally embrace it. Having new bloggers publish content on your blog can put a twist on existing topics and even offers fresh new ideas within your niche. However, you should ONLY allow guest posting opportunities if you can’t keep the frequency cycle consistent by yourself. I’m a true believer in that you should keep a consistent posting schedule so visitors know when to expect fresh new content. If you publish 3 times a week, then make sure, under all circumstances, you publish “3” times a week. It’s a great way to gain the initial trust with your visitors. Next,

Don’t just accept any content and you should be very picky when selecting content to publish on your blog. You’ve built a reputation for providing high quality, valuable content and shouldn’t jeopardize it, no matter what the circumstances. The good news is there is no shortage of talented writers who are looking for a break-through so be sure to give them a chance. Some writers just need to get noticed so are more than willing to provide you with awesome content in exchange for a link back to their blog.

Here are a few tips to choose the right writer…

  • Check their previous work
  • Check for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Check their personal blog for their expertise
  • Check links they place in their content

Depending on the type of content you’re looking for, you can also hire freelance writers by posting a job within and other blogging websites.

Curate Content

There has been much debate over content curation and its effectiveness in allowing you to build a viable blog. However, there are a handful of blogs that continue to flourish even when using the curation structure. For those of you not aware, content curation is the process of collecting relevant content and re-publishing it on your blog. Many may argue this is duplicate content, but again, I’ve seen several blogs do very well especially like Scoop.It,, and

The secret is to only publish the best information and keep your site highly moderated. Google puts a lot of value on providing substance to readers so if you can own a curation website that provides extensive value to its readers, you might be able to generate enormous revenue. However, curation websites are easy to maintain as you’re essentially just gathering information. It takes less time to gather valuable content than it takes to produce it, so this might be an option for you. If you have some money to spend, then do the following…

  • Hire someone to moderate your site
  • Hire editors to gather the right type of content

Schedule Content

Here’s a cool trick I learned from John Chow and he went through the entire process in one of his awesome videos – How I Work 2 Hours a Day. In this video, he discusses how he writes the content for his blog in an entire day and schedules them to be posted. This way, you are NOT logged in daily updating your content and then clicking “publish”. The concept is pretty simple and it’s effective because some bloggers have specific days they can produce content without any interruptions. This strategy is also great for those people who have NO time to care for their blogs. Here’s what I suggest…

Pick 1-2 days out of the week that you’ll dedicate to writing content without interruptions. On these days, you should lock yourself away from the world and produce an entire week’s content. If you publish content 3 times per week, then having 7-8 blog posts written will keep your blog active for a solid two weeks. It’s a strategy many bloggers enforce into their blogging because it gives them leverage throughout the week to work on their other projects. Personally, I don’t use this technique because writing content is all I do 7 days a week but it’s something that I utilize when I’m heading on vacation, etc.

Smaller is Better

Here’s something that works well, especially if you have a hard time generating content ideas. When writing content, you should consider breaking it down into different parts. For example, I started to publish the following on – 25 Best Traffic Building Tips Ever, and content like this will run into 20,000 words easily. I decided to take this HOT topic and break it down into smaller portions, allowing me to create more posts, providing more value under each point. I don’t suggest doing this in every post you write because readers sometimes want the entire solution right away, but when producing a list-type post that needs depth, then you might consider breaking it down. Next,

The most important factor when producing posts broken down into several parts is the topic. Make sure it’s solution based content and it’s a common problem within your niche.

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