Are You Stubborn Enough To Have a Blog?

Somehow I stumbled across the idea of making money with a blog. Instantly as the idea formed in my head a smiled crossed my face. A blog, make money online, this is perfect for me. This is why I was born, this is my destiny, I must do this.

From that moment the world around me disappeared. Friend’s calls were left unanswered, TV was turned off, books were closed, work became a place to turn dials and pull levers – nothing had meaning except my blog.


A salmon is born high up the Canadian Rockies mountain stream. As soon as it’s armored with a tough skin of scales it swims down hundreds of kilometers to the ocean. There it lives its days until baby making time when it suddenly becomes possessed. In a zombie trance it leaves the ocean and heads back up the mountain stream back home.

Risking life and fin it swims hundreds of kilometers against the stream, up waterfalls, through shallow waters and bears waiting with open jaws. Salmon are scattered on the shores rotting and full of maggots. Others become exhausted and unable to draw another gulp and give up – mouths open and eyes to the sky they drift away. The remaining keep going. The salmon is driven by nature – something inside its soul forces it up stream regardless of the struggle.

I have been swimming upstream for two years.

Two years of struggle. The effort is not just physical, it is psychological. The blog is always in my head. Taking a shower, mowing the lawn, walking the dog. It is always there nibbling away. A bear has bitten off a chunk of my tail and a eagle pecked out an eyeball. Yet I continue.

I have spent 603 hours working for $685. Let me put that in perspective for you:

  • If I spent the 603 hours flipping burgers at McDonald’s instead of working my website, making $9.00/hour I would now have $5,427.00.
  • According to the US Congressional Budget Office the lowest paying jobs are waiters and waitresses. They make $4.21 per hour. With my website, I make $1 per hour.
  • On a level surface and in no rush I walk 5.2 kilometers per hour. Had I walked instead of working on this website I would now be 3,136 kilometers (1,930 miles) away from here.


So why continue? Why not quit?

Swinging in front of Hell’s well oiled gates is a sign. It reads: “abandon all hope ye who enter here.”

The last two years might have felt like hell. But I am not in hell. I am trying to make money with my blog. There is hope. People have done it. It is possible. I believe, I must believe, that if I keep on going, keep adding quality content, keep marketing, keep being nice to people, keep trying to help, then one day I will be successful.

Nothing can stop me.

Are you stubborn enough to have a blog?

Roman is going upstream ignoring the dead fish. You can find out exactly how stubborn he is on his website and blog How This Website Makes Money.