Are You Running Out of Blogging Ideas? Try This…

Constantly writing content for your blog can be overwhelming so it’s important you have creative ways to come up with some cool blogging ideas. What you don’t know is bloggers have used sophisticated strategies to come up with blogging content ideas that would last than several months. For example, they know what resonates with their readers and will focus on creating this type of content. For some, it’s product reviews, for others, it’s list posts, how-to tutorials, video content, etc. However, before you can start writing content for your readers, you need to know who your audience is so you can tweak your content to fit their demands. What do I mean by demands?

It’s often been said the best content solves a common problem within your niche. This means you should have content that provides an in-depth solution. However, this can be in the form of videos, infographics, etc.

Finding your speciality content can take time so I suggest starting by using some of these awesome blogging ideas.

Product Reviews

I actually started with writing product reviews because it’s content everyone is looking for. Depending on your niche, you’re going to have different products and people are trying to find the safest ones. The problem is purchasing products online can be complicated because transactions are NO longer face-to-face. This means it’s tough to actually test the product before purchasing. Many products do provide a free trial, but you’re still left with an enormous amount of questions. Here’s something that’ll help…

Writing product reviews is a great way to help people in your niche make an informed decision and generate enormous profit at the same time. Product review blogs like make millions of dollars every month off product sales and marketing. It’s going to be tough to tap into a competitive niche but if you can find one with very little competition, then you can benefit from simply writing reviews, etc.


These posts are great because all you’re doing is compiling a series of common questions within your niche and having the experts answer all of them for you. You’re then gathering all the information, organizing it, and presenting it in a way where every visitor will understand it. In the content marketing niche, this type of content is known as “expert posts” and I’ve done very well with a few I hosted. Here’s how to do well with expert posts or interviews…

  • Always gather the most common questions people have within your niche.
  • Gather as many experts within your niche. The more, the better, because you’ll have several different angles.
  • Be genuine in your approach when asking for interviews.
  • Diversify your questions and research can help you choose the right questions.

Authority Content

The Internet has enormous content and finding what you’re looking for can be difficult especially if you’re a beginner. Experienced researchers know where to look and often have a handful of blogs they know will provide all the exclusive content. However, if you’re just starting out, then coming up with exclusive content that resonates with your readers can be difficult. Many bloggers have done great by simply bringing all the content under one domain and this is often known as curating content. However, to ensure you stay protected from the algorithm updates, it’s important to change the introduction paragraph into your own words, then provide a link to the content. Why?

Duplicate content can get you banned from the SERP’s so it’s important you keep your roundups as unique as possible. Here’s an example, if my niche is based on “link building strategies”, then skimming the Internet for the best content will be my starting point. I’ll then compile a list of the best content circulating the web on “link building” and post it on my blog. It’s a great way for people to find the best information quickly without having to worry about searching the entire web for these individual articles.

Outlines Can Help

If you’ve decided to write content on a topic that requires enormous time, then you can break it down into a series. Many times, the answer to your question will require 5,000+ words and posting “1” long lengthy post might NOT be in your best interest. People have short attention spans so it’s important to keep content concise and to the point. This means if you need to break it down to get your point across, then it’s a good idea. For example, I’m writing a 25 part series for, where I outline the best link building strategies. Instead of me outlining every single one in a lengthy post, I decided to break it down into smaller sections, covering 1 strategy at a time. Why is this so effective?

You’re essentially taking “1” single piece of content and creating 25 more, which can keep you busy for the next several weeks. This means you don’t have to worry about generating new content ideas for some time. However, I suggest while you’re writing your series to research online and start writing down some other creative blogging ideas.

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