Are You Pre-ordering Your iPad Today?

iPad Pre-order

The wonder tablet from Apple went up for pre-order this morning. Did you get your order in or are you going to wait until it ships on April 3? I am getting four iPads but I had to get them from the US Apple site because that’s the only place that is taking orders. I have a fairly good idea on what Apple’s plans are for the new iPad and it’s not what you might think.

I see the iPad as Apple’s entry into the online book market, which is worth $4.5 billion a year. By comparison, online music does $2.3 billion a year, most of which is controlled by Apple iTunes. If Apple can do for books what it did for music, they will revolutionize another industry, put the fear God into and most importantly, create another huge cash cow for themselves.

I like the new iPad so much and what it means that in addition to the four iPads, I purchased a large block of Apple stocks today. What about you? Is an iPad in your future?