Are You Not Happy with Your Blog and Performance? Try This…

When starting to blog, you’ll have an objective in mind and will work hard at making sure it’s done. However, there will come times you’re not going to be happy with your blog’s performance and the direction in which your content marketing strategy is heading. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your blogging, but you simply have to make some adjustments going forward. All that’s required at this point is for you to go back and look over your blogging goals and what you can do to get back on track. If you have clear plans before you started to blog, then it shouldn’t be tough at all jumping on the right path, making sure you’re meeting your bottom line. Online marketing is tough and I’m not saying you won’t have to keep making adjustments, however, you should always keep your objective in mind while making tweaks along the way.

If you’ve been blogging for years and need to make adjustments, then follow these simple steps…

Revisit Your Objective

One of the biggest mistakes people make is losing track of their objective and once you lose sight, you start to go off track. It’s recommended that before you start a blog, you have a clear purpose in mind so you know EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve it. However, if you no longer have the objective in mind, you’ll start to lose sight of the bottom line and it’s important to always stay focused. I have 5 blogs and for each, have written out the objective in clear sight so I don’t forget. When I sit down to write content, I’ll always keep a close eye on my objective, making sure whatever I’m doing adds value to the bottom line. If it’s not adding value, then I need to make adjustments until my objective is in clear sight. I have established a habit to do this each time, ensuring I never go off track and my blogs’ performance is optimal at all times.

Think about Your Audience

One of the best ways to stay on track and improve your blog’s performance is to stay focused on your audience. When you know what type of content your audience expects to read, then you’ll publish those types of blog posts. Your audience should reflect your niche and WITHOUT clear knowledge of your audience, you’ll have a hard time growing. Next, if you ever go off track and need to build your blog’s momentum, then think about your audience, writing content they’ve engaged with in the past. However, tweak the way you write content so you continue to grow. For example, focus on high quality content and research appropriate keywords. Ask your readers what type of content they would like to see published on your blog and make it easy for them to share.

Emphasize Social Sharing

One of the best ways to build momentum is to have an easy to share interface on your blog. Many bloggers make the mistake of not placing social buttons in clear sight of the visitor and they miss out on social engagement. Social networks have been responsible for generating enormous traffic and build brand awareness, so incorporate this into your blog right away. Some visitors will have thousands of social followers and when they share your content, it can improve performance quickly.

Start Collecting Email Subscribers

It’s important to have visitors to keep coming back to your blog because this builds engagement and increases the chances of them sharing your content, bringing new people to your blog. The best ways to keep visitors circulating through your blog is to start collecting email subscribers. Once they’ve joined your newsletter, you can keep sending them updates on content published and because it’s relevant, they’ll most likely leave a comment or share it with their followers. This means you’re NOT only keeping consistent traffic coming back to your blog, but also improving the chances of new people engaging with your content.

Here’s something else you need to know about email subscribers:

  • It’s a cost effective way to build traffic and loyalty
  • It’s a great way to get a huge ROI on your investment
  • You can keep growing your email subscribers (NO LIMIT)
  • Email service providers have customizable application that is great to build user engagement (surveys, feedback, social, coupons, etc.)

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