Are You Digging the Wrong Hole?


Fortune 500 management consultants often advise their CEO clients to ask the following questions:

  1. Are you digging the hole in the right place?
  2. Are you using the right shovel?
  3. Should you be the one doing the digging?

These are great questions to ask yourself if you’re still wavering about starting your own online business.

First, will you ever achieve your financial goals in the job you have now? If no, you need to start digging somewhere else. Somewhere that offers the income potential to enable you to achieve those dreams. Otherwise you’re just shoveling dirt.

Second, do you have the right skills to achieve your goals? If not, find someone who has already put together a proven “toolkit” that you can use. Don’t reinvent the shovel. Use one that’s proven to dig deep and fast.

Third, what tasks can you delegate, outsource or eliminate? Don’t perform any task that does not lead directly and swiftly to your goals. Your time is too precious. And the older you are, the more important this last piece is. If you shouldn’t be digging, find someone who can dig for you.