Are You an Entrepreneur or Just a Blogger?

Have you found a new way to tackle problems?

If you’re not bothered about solving problems in your online business, then you may just be a blogger and not an entrepreneur. I’ll explain… keep reading…

Even before blogging became so popular, there were self-made millionaires. The World’s Richest Men knew how to identify a pressing need, and challenging themselves to see solution come to it.

In line with this, I want to ask you a simple question. “Are you an entrepreneur or just a blogger?

You may argue with me that bloggers are also entrepreneurs, and I’d say it depends on who is involved.

You see, being an entrepreneur is a mindset, not necessarily a title. It’s more about what you do, than what you say.

I’ve discovered that most bloggers out there talk too much – they write interesting articles on how to drive traffic, but they barely get enough traffic – what do you call this?

Many beginners to blogging even write about making $10,000/month in affiliate commissions, while they find it extremely difficult to earn $10.38/month themselves.

Build a business around your blog

Yes, blogging is a powerful medium to reach a wider audience and sell your products and services.

So don’t quit yet – just because you aren’t making enough money as yet. Instead, build a business around your blog and begin to think like someone who is accountable to someone else.

A lot of smart bloggers have turned simple wordpress blogs into multimillion dollar business ventures. They didn’t achieve this overnight, but they had a vision and that is the secret of their success.

If all you do when you wake up in the morning is to write a new article, visit a bunch of sites and leave a comment, I’m afraid – you’re JUST a blogger. And I feel like spanking you so badly for that…

That’s not how entrepreneurs work on their businesses. In fact, if you want to profit with your blog BIG time, you need to change your approach seriously.

You’ve purpose. You’ve passion even if you’re yet to identify it. Business owners are so passionate about their businesses. They look forward to it – it’s their life.

It’s passion that’s kept Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson and a host of other Billionaires going strong. It’s the fuel that powers your life’s engine. If you ever run dry, top it up as fast as possible.

Organize, manage and outsource

Is 24 hours enough to accomplish great things in life?

Yes it is to a certain level. Even if it doesn’t bring in many goodies, entrepreneurs wouldn’t ask for more time from God. But there is something they do… they organize, manage the time and outsource tasks.

Are you one of those bloggers who have never outsourced projects to professionals? Did you know that I make a living as a freelance writer, but I also outsource a lot of content out?

I don’t outsource my client’s project because it’s against our agreements, but I outsource a lot of writing projects for my niche sites.

You must do the same… or you’d remain broke and live as one of those BLOGGERS. BTW: If you would like me to write quality blog and guest posts for you, see my writing service.

If Bill Gates, Donald Trump and other successful bloggers were selfish, and wanted all the profit alone, I can assure you that they’d still be poor or middle class citizens.

If you’ve an active blog, then you should outsource. Once you can do that, then you can easily manage the remaining time to work on your core goals.

Don’t try to customize your blog theme yourself if you’ve better things to do. Even if you’re proficient at it, outsource to someone else and embark on other projects.

That’s what differentiates entrepreneurs from individuals who are just “bloggers.”

My hard-core advice…

In 2012, my blogging business experienced a turnaround.

Prior to that time, it was so difficult for me to earn $200/month but after I discovered this hard-core advice which I’m about to drop here, my blog started to generate income like a broken ATM.

Not in the millions, but over 500% increase from the initial meager earnings.

What did I do right? It’s so simple, but only few bloggers who have discovered their identity as entrepreneurs actually practice it.

Write down your goal

Yes, write down your goal; a clear and realistic goal.

Then every day, don’t do anything outside what you’ve made plain – think about it, talk about it, do it. Before long, you’d unlock your blog’s earning potential and build an active audience.

That’s how entrepreneurs are made – they work passionately on their goals. It’s the secret of success.

So, are you just a blogger or an entrepreneur? I want you to share your opinion on this topic – does it resonate with you in any way? The comment box is yours now – see you ahead!

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