Are You A Social Media Lurker Or Sharer?

Here’s a new promo from Generation Social: A Documentary Film about how our inherent social nature drives cultural change with some of the people who drive it. This fun new promo with footage from the edited film tells you Social Media is so much more than just people telling others what they are doing. It’s well…just watch the video.

The completed film airs on CBC Vancouver on August 18, 2012. Check your local listing for air time. For those not living in Canada, or don’t have access to the CBC, you can reserve a copy of the film with a $15 pledge at Kickstarter.

Because Generation Social is a Kickstart project, you can get additional perks if you pledge more than $15. For example, pledge $50 or more, and you’ll be listed in the film credits as a producer. Pledge $100 or more, and you’ll be invited to the Wrap Party. Andrew and his team put a lot of work into this film so any support you show them will be greatly appreciated.

Are you lurker or a sharer?

Generation Social: A Documentary Film