April Internet Results

Well, so much for the April goal of $2,000 for the new sites. April was disappointing month for Laptop Gamers and Digital Grabber. This was party because I haven’t been focusing as much time as I should on them, and because April is known as a slow month for internet advertising. Here are the result breakdowns.

Laptop Gamers

  • Google AdSense: $107.52
  • Vibrant Media: $74.34
  • TTZ Media: $206.22
  • Total: $388.08

Digital Grabber

  • Google AdSense: $218.90
  • Vibrant Media: $85.72
  • TTZ Media: $121.73
  • Total: $426.35

Laptop Gamers was able to beat the previous month’s result but Digital Grabber revenue fell by 60%. March Digital Grabber income was mostly created by a Digg.com front page story, and this shows the power a site like Digg or Slashdot has on revenue.

Combined, the two sites made $814.43 from 64,000 page views. The works out to a site wide effective CPM of $12.73, which is almost double the previous month. It’s still not matching the CPM by The TechZone, but it is heading in the right direction.