Apple iPhone 4S 1080P Video Quality Test

I’ve shown you how good the photo quality is on the new Apple iPhone 4S. Now check out the video quality. The iPhone 4S has the ability to record 1080P HD video. In addition, you can edit the video right on the phone and upload it to YouTube using the iMovie app.

The quality of the iPhone 4S video is good enough that it can replace your dedicated camcorder or digital camera. This is great for bloggers who want to travel as light as possible. The Apple iPhone 4S is all I’ll be using to take photos and record videos at BlogWorld Expo this Thursday. Keep an eye out of the coverage.

Do you like the video quality of the iPhone 4S? Do you want one now? Well, I’m giving one away! You can enter the iPhone 4S contest here. Make sure you watch the video in HD!