9 Ways to Respond to App Store Reviews to Increase Downloads

Downloading a new mobile app seems like an easy and simple thing, but most of the people take it more seriously than we think. In fact, not only is it extremely rare for a user to keep a new application on their mobile device, it’s even more rare for them to leave a positive review after such an experience.

According to a survey, almost 77% users read at least a single review before they make a new adding to their mobile app collection and remaining 13% users read at least 7 reviews to make a final decision. Those tiny yellow stars given by the app users are most important in this era of mobile technology as reviews and ratings are the most vital things that impress potential users to download and use an app.

Listening and communicating your app users are the best way to get more positive reviews and to increase user retention rate. Thankfully, now companies and app developers can reply their app reviews to build trust and to engage users efficiently.

However, one should be doing this right as providing quick and excellent customer support is not always easier even some of the developers and companies can feel overwhelming when responding to app reviews on app store. We have put together efficient ways and tips for responding to app store reviews to help you alleviate stress when replying your users.

Respond to Reviews as Fast as You Can

Everyone is busy these days and really don’t want to be ignored. So, why you leave app reviews unanswered?

When app reviews go not-responded, it shows lack of customer care. That’s why, be sure to respond app reviews as fast as you can, to make your users feel valued. For this purpose, you should monitor app store reviews regularly and reply immediately right after receiving a notification.

Carefully Understand what the Each Reviewer is Saying

Don’t be quick to respond even when you are no sure about the user’s point of view and take time to read the reviews carefully before getting your hands-on typing. A timely made response wouldn’t earn you any points if it is completely irrelevant to the review and senseless as well.

Show Care for Users

App reviewers take to the app store when they are completely satisfied or really unfulfilled. So, always try to reply in a way you understand their feelings and will probably try hard to help them in the best way possible.

For example, if you were a social networking site or had a tool that was to help marketers grow thier following on Instagram, you would need to beat out a lot of competing apps. Just take a look at the many different Instagram apps out there and look at the reviews for each.

The ones that care the most to respond to feedback, ratings and user reviews are likely going to get much higher ratings and rankings as well.

Apologize for Bad Experiences

No matter the complaint or issue is valid or not, it is valid for the users and bad experiences always deserve apology. Be sure to apology and politely let them know the fact if the complaint was invalid. Doing this will make them feel acknowledged.

Reply in your Brand’s Tone

When responding app store reviews, be sure to reply in your brand’s tone. Whether you are a developer or a company with dedicated customer support team, use the same voice you use on your landing pages, website or social media profiles. 

Tailor your Each Review Response

In order to save time and effort, don’t use preserved phrases to respond app reviews. Instead, write unique responses for each of your reviews to provide users with personalized messages. Creating responses from scratch make users feel personal and ensures they are interacting with humans, not bots.

Don’t use Negative Words

Avoid negative words and phrases when creating responses for your users. Always keep in mind that a positive review response will help you restore the user’s faith and trust in your app. Don’t use words that can have a negative impact on users such as never, impossible, unfortunately and cannot etc. 

Avoid Grammar and Punctuation Errors

It is one of the vital things to consider while responding to app store reviews. Take enough time to create error-free and sensible responses that have no typos and mistakes. Try to create responses in a word processing software as it can help you prevent typos and other possible writing errors.

Be Upfront

Always be honest with your reviewers specially when they are requesting a feature, reporting a technical issue or any other thing. If any of them is encountered a bug, admit it and let the user know when a feature will be available if they are requesting a feature in your app. If you cannot admit and proceed their recommendations, politely explain why. Always be realistic and don’t overpromise while responding app store reviews.

How to Create a Review with Positive Reviews and Lots of Users

When looking at the many different apps available on the mobile marketplace today, it’s all about the end user experience. Like we mentioned throughout this list, most people aren’t going to post a positive review… that’s just the way it is.

However, if you want to increase the chances for a review to come through from a mobile user, you need to know when to ask. A good example of this might be if you had a game and after a player leveled up or beat a boss… this is often a good time for a popup to ask for a review, as the user is already engaged and likely in a good mood.

Bottom line… if you want to have a top ranking app with lots of positive reviews and users, it’s going to take a lot of time, money and effort. As hard as you are fighting for these same benefits, other brands are likely fighting even harder!