Another Chance to Win a Ticket to the Playboy Mansion

WHEN: From May 15, 2010 through July 15, 2010, AzoogleAds will be hosting a contest for their “GO GET” brand.

WHAT TO DO: Any publisher who generates $75k in incremental revenue for the time period of May 15th, 2010 – July 15th, 2010 versus March 15th, 2010 – May 15th, 2010 will win an Apple iPad as well as $1000 (payable via check or Amex gift card).

PRIZES: THE TOP THREE PUBLISHERS will also receive a full conference pass to Affiliate Summit East. ($2000+ value). THE FIRST PLACE PUBLISHER will also earn their way to our Playboy Mansion extravaganza in August
*Only if they haven’t qualified via our broader network-wide contest already.

Sample AZN GoGet Offer: The following GoGet offer pays $14 when the readers fills out the form and submit it. There are six other offers you can run that pays from $2 to $14 per submit. Plus you’ll be entered into the contest to win a trip to Affiliate Summit East in New York and the Playboy mansion party in LA!

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