AndrewTalk – How Not To Do a Blog

What Was He Thinking?

Sometimes I wonder what goes through the mind of a blogger when he orders a ReviewMe review from John Chow dot Com. Take for example the case of AndrewTalk. This is a blog about online business. It is presumably own by someone name Andrew. AndrewTalk is a good example on how not to do a blog. After reading this, you’ll understand why and you’ll also wonder what Andrew was thinking by order this review.

Who Is AndrewTalk?

Who is AndrewTalk? Your guess is as good as mine. The blog has no about page and the posts have no author links. The only message Andrew left me in the review request was:

This is a brand new blog about internet business. Encourage your visitors to keep visiting my blog because they will get good posts every day.

I had to do a WhoIs to find out that the owner’s name was Andrei Raileanu and had to go all the way back to the blog’s first post to find any information about him and even then it didn’t offer much except to say Andrew is a 21 year old from Eastern-Europe and the owner of Dev3, a web design and programming company.

If you are going to create a “make money online” blog, branding is everything. What makes you an authority on the subject? You can’t create a brand when readers don’t even know your full name.

Using Stolen Content Is Not The Way To Build a Blog

It took me a few minutes to figure out why all the posts on AndrewTalk had no author links. As far as I can tell, nearly all the posts were stolen from other blogs, including mine! On August 10th, AndewTalk posted Check out 5 Requirements For Investing In A New Business. It’s a copy and paste of My Five Requirements For Investing In A New Business. Then there is this post which is a copy and paste of Make $100 With A Citibank Saving Account

Andrew puts the disclaimer “This post was inspired from” on the two posts he took from my blog. Not only did Andrew misspelled my name but the correct disclaimer should be, “This post was stolen from” Andrew didn’t put any disclaimer on the other posts he stole. I recommend you check his blog to see if he ripped any posts from you. From doing a Google quote search, I can see that Andrew ripped a bunch of the posts from Search Engine Optimization Journal. Other posts looks to be taken from free article services but the resource box was removed.

The only original posts on AndrewTalk is his first post and the post asking readers to suggest a topic for him to write about. I suggest, “How to make yourself look like a fool by paying $400 for a review from a blog that you stole content from.”

This Is Not 1999

If Andrew really owns a web design and programming company then surely he must have an understanding of copyright laws. Furthermore, you would think he would also know that white text on a black background went out of style in 1999. The blog violates every design rules you can think of. Where is the home page link?

I really don’t know what Andrew was thinking when he ordered this review, but since he did, I recommend he remove all stolen articles from his blog or the $400 he paid for this review will seem like peanuts once the owners of those websites he stole content from gets done with him.

Guy creates a blog with stolen content and then orders a review from a blog that he stole content from. Try and figure that one out.