An Upgrading We Will Go

This has to be the week for upgrades. First I upgraded this blog to the latest WordPress release. Then I installed Spam Karma 2 to kill all those comment spammers. Lastly I updated the header image to one of my all time favorite super car, the Ferrari Enzo. I really think Ferrari is a mean car company because even if I had the money for an Enzo, I can’t buy it. Ferrari only sells them to “good customers” who have purchased a ton of Ferrari’s in the past. I have yet to purchase one.

TTZ Media Network also received an upgrade to the latest WordPress and a new Web 2.0 AJAX powered template. Spam Karma was also installed on the site as well. A rewrite of the TTZ shopping engine was also completed. The new engine allows affiliates to control the font, link, background and border color for all the ad creatives. This was a feature many affiliates were asking for and I’m glad it’s finally available. Being able to control the colors of the creative will allow affiliated sites to better implement TTZ Media Network banners.